How the bleep did we get here?

Here is the basic break-down of our TTC journey...super abbreviated.

January 2010: Our first meeting at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center with Doctor #1.
January 2011: Our second meeting at DHMC with same Doctor #1 (now we are really, REALLY ready to start!! Used California Cryobank for sperm.
March 2011: Our first IUI.
April 2011: Concussion. IUI #2. Took a couple months off.
July 2011: IUI #3.
August 2011: IUI #4. New sperm donor. Still CCB.
September 2011: IUI #5. Clomid cycle. Okay.
October 2011: Met with Doctor #1. Decided he was a jerk who didn't really care about us. Changed doctors. Met with Doctor #2. LOVE her. Decided to have a HSG to check out tubes. Discovered that I am definately challenged by anxiety.
November 2011: IUI #6. No drugs. New sperm donor. Still CCB.
December 2011: IUI #7. Clomid cycle. Yuck.
January 2012: IUI #8. Clomid cycle. Horrendous crazy drug. Had vertigo and other horrid side effects. Swore to never take Clomid ever again. New Sperm donor. Changed to Midwest Sperm Bank because we would save a crapload of money for exactly the same product.
February 2012: IUI #9. Letrozole cycle. Used Ovidrel trigger. First ultrasound. This drug rocks.
March 2012: IUI #10. Letrozole cycle. Used Ovidrel trigger. Second ultrasound. Polyps found.
April 2012: No IUI this cycle. Had SSG to investigate size of polyps (this must be done with no drugs in your system, hence no IUI). Determined that I have two small polyps.
May 2012: Took another cycle off to allow our checkbook to rebound. Decided that we can not afford IVF.