Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love, Romance and the IUI, 8th edition.

Yesterday was IUI #8...and it only took me, my partner, and an army of nurses to make the magic happen.

You all know how much I love Clomid and can't wait to take more drugs, but what I didn't know was that by taking clomid and stimulating my ovaries, they were swelling up and pushing against my uterus making it harder for the nurses to insert the catheter up in there. Another reason to love clomid. Thirty minutes later with three nurses, speculum in, speculum out, fishing around up in there later, changing positions and pushing here, no try there, I am hopefully baking us a baby.

Nurse #1 was the same lady who did IUI #7. She adamantly tried her favorite catheter first, then her second favorite, and then her third favorite, the mac daddy catheter known as 'the rocket' (shouldn't anything known as 'the rocket' be the first choice???). 

Nurse #2 was a newbe and mostly just stood back and observed and made weird comments like 'they should use the back seat of a car as the table since that's where couples always had the most success getting pregant in the 50's' and 'you know you can wear socks if your feet are cold' and 'when you come back next time, wear socks.' My parter was like 'next time? There won't be a next time, right!?' 'Oh,' nurse #2 says, 'you're not planning on having another [child]?" Weird...she didn't pay attention in that class apparantly. 

'How ya doin', babe?' 


Nurse #3 had never helped us before, but I've spoken with her on the phone, so we were sort of familiar. She came in all confident, claiming that 'the rocket' is her go-to catheter. Rocket in hand, she fished and fished and finally, when she was just about to give up and go get a doctor, it worked. Now lay still for 10 minutes, think happy thoughts, and stare up at the florescent light with flowers and blue sky painted over it. Turn head, look at partner, and say 'get your butt over here and kiss me at least, will ya?' I love her so much. 


  1. Hi, I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy your posts. Sounds like we have very similar stories. My partner and I are about 2 weeks behind you in the process. We've tried 7 IUI's now, many with chlomid. This time we're stepping up to new meds. Good luck to you this month. Here's hoping #8 is lucky!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I would love to know more about what you're 'stepping up' to...we are going to our doctor next week to discuss our options if we're not pregnant right now...

    2. I'm not all that familiar with this blogging thing. Is it possible to email you? My answers could be long but I'd be happy to share any info about meds.

    3. Just had IUI #8 after a round of injectables (menopur). Here we go again. How are you? Hope this is the lucky month!

  2. Still waiting for the tww to be over!! But we're researching other options in the mean time if this one doesn't work! But I've got a good feeling about this one...good luck to you too!

    I am aiming to keep this blog anonymous, but if you'd post your email, I'll drop you a line!