Tuesday, January 3, 2012

yet another 2 week cleanse......

This two week wait thing is for the birds. It's been one week today since our last IUI and I am in that mid-wait mentality of total neutrality. Could be pregnant, might not be pregnant, remain neutral so I am not to get hurt either way.

I've been of course trying to act as though I am pregnant and have been eating and drinking like a champ. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, water, herbal tea; it feels more like a once-monthly two-week cleanse (since that's what it's been up until this point). Yesterday was our one day this week together and we went out to lunch following our super-lesbo trip to Lowe's (it is totally our guilty pleasure to go walk the aisles and get ideas about home improvement...). Our weekly lunch out is always full of delicious saturated fat and calories, but I somehow managed a tasty salad into the mix. And then we hit the RedBox and got a cheap, scratched, rental dvd....the final Harry Potter. I have a hard enough time understanding what they're saying let alone if the dvd is scratched.....never have really been a big Potter fan, but it was good to see the end of the saga.

One more week to go! Distractions, please apply within.


  1. We are right there with you... we are one the 2nd week of the 2ww and it is hard... keep your chin up hoping for a positive for us both!

  2. Almost there.......we will finally test tomorrow!!! Good luck to you guys!!!