Sunday, March 18, 2012

super sound...ultra un-sound

I am in love with March so far. I can't get over the weather. It is so freakin' nice! Today we were cruising around with the top down on the grape ape (she's our jeep wrangler, duh...we are a couple lesbians after all. You didn't think it was our camero did you?) soaking up the sun. We raked our yard, which is now currently the earliest we've ever been able to! I am feeling mentally well, emotionally fit, and physically happy. I am feeling sound for the first time in months.

Except for our ultrasound last Friday.

For the second time, we went in for an ultrasound to hunt down my little follicle eggies and see when I should trigger my ovulation with the Ovidrel injection. I wasn't really paying attention this time, sort of just chatting with the nurse while she quite literally 'probed' me with her probe. She mentioned some test, had I done it? I said no, I hadn't. The conversation continued.

Later that day when I got a voicemail from my doctor (not my nurse, red flag), I realized that the ultrasound lady saw something that morning (hence the reason she asked me about that test). The doctor said that there is a large cyst in my ovary that she was unsure of. Was it a follicle and not a cyst? Hard to tell. She sent me to get blood work to determine if it was in fact a huge ass egg. She also said there were two small polyps. All of this caught me off guard at the time. I don't really know much about either cysts or polyps. She said that we shouldn't hold off on our impending IUI, but that we should come in and discuss this with her. So, off I went to get stabbed again. Hard to believe I have any blood left at this point!

Blood work came back negative. Not an egg. The doctor had me wait until last night to do the Ovidrel. I am almost a pro now that I've injected myself twice. I joke and say that I could be a heroin addict now that I know how to do self-injections. My partner says I can't; we're too poor from all this non-baby-making to be doing heroin.

IUI #10 is tomorrow morning. As I sit here on the patio, enjoying the weather and catching a buzz off a single, fine, twisted tea, I think I'll be okay without the heroin.


  1. hoping that your iui went well. sorry about the cyst news, clearly not the best news but hopefully it wont stand in your way. good luck with this cycle ladies!

  2. We finally got to try our first IUI on Monday. What was holding us back, is my polyps. I have had 2 surgeries in the past 6 months to have them removed. Its called a hysteroscopy polypectomy. In December we got so close to being able to try, did the Menopur shots, femara pills, and 3 ultrasounds, when all was haulted and I was told I had to have surgery again. :( Good Luck to you on your IUI. I don't know how you do this time and time again. You are a very strong person! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks so much! Our hope is that we won't have to get to the surgery, but we shall see about this attempt!....FYI feel free to tell me all about the surgery....did you have it in an OR or doctors office?

    2. I had it outpatient but my RE said that was because of the insurance company I have. She said one company allows her to do it in the office. It really wasn't bad. I was upset that I had the surgery in August, and then found out in December that they had grown back. This time my RE said she got everything and them my "insides are beautiful".
      I was only off work for 2 days both times, and the second one I actually went back for the second half of the second day. I also only took pain meds for the first 24 hours. It was a very quick process.

    3. Hmmm....if I'm not pregnant right now, I think I'm going to do the outpatient option. Sounds bearable....LOL. What's the deal with the polyps growing back?!