Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peach Orange Blitz

Today is my third Sunday in a row. I haven't been so relaxed in months. I do have to work tomorrow. *sigh*

My partner and I decided to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this week to simply stay at home and chill out and celebrate our 8-year anniversary. (Although I originally had hopes of an impromptu wedding this weekend, staying home was absolutely perfect. We will start to plan a more big to-do for next year, we promise). It has been a great few days; Rye beach on Friday, random chores, yard work and errands on Saturday, couch today.

Today being actually Sunday, I thought it appropriate to make a fab mock-tail to drink while watching re-runs of Oprah on OWN (I've never really watched Oprah religiously, but OWN is sort of addictive when she gets into the behind the scene crap). Today's flavor is the Peach Orange Blitz:

1 over-ripe peach
1/2 orange
lemon-lime seltzer
4 tsp. sugar in the raw

First, I started by melting the sugar in the raw in just a touch of water in my microwave for 30 seconds,  creating a simply syrup. Then, in my same, teeny, tiny, food processor, I pureed the one peach, skin and pit removed and the 1/2 orange, skin removed. In a pint glass, I added ice, then about 2 teaspoons of the simple syrup, about 3 tablespoons of the fruit puree and seltzer to the top. Stir with straw. Suck.

Naturally, being the lush I once was, what I really wanted to make was AMAZING Bellini's with my puree. As soon as I mentioned champagne, the bottle was open and I was mixing a Bellini for my partner. I won't lie, I did indulge a little. Perhaps this is a celebratory final drink.

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