Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We'll call this one 'The half-month wrap-up'

Well.....I hate this month. It's November and you ask, 'what's there to hate about November?' For starters, here in NH I'm shaking cold one minute and I'm sweating the next. My sinuses don't know what to expect. But what I hate most about November is Christmas. And again you say, 'But Christmas is in December.' Yes, yes it is. Welcome to my decorating nightmare. Since November 1st I've been Christmas decorating all over the resort. My deadline to finish is in two days....Turkey Day. I am still waist deep in boxes. This explains my lapse in blogging.

IUI #6 was once again negative. I can't say that I'm surprised given the crazy emotional roller coaster the past month has been. But, even in all the craziness, I ovulated and menstruated just like business as usual. So I guess in theory, I can't blame my bouts of anxiety.

We did go and see the other doctor. It was a bit like cheating, but it was a great experience. She is young, brilliant, and fresh out of school...and as we both decided, sort of hot which doesn't hurt. Well, our last doctor was an old dude, so....kidding....she was great. Her nurse, our new point-of-contact, is also great (*yes*). We are both so happy with this latest move. It's not that she brought to light new information that we'd yet to hear. Most of it was the same, but she had a way of talking with us and explaining things to us that felt personal.

I had to cancel my nutritionist appointment. But, the reason for that was because I scheduled a hysterosalpingogram (so happy to call this thing an HSG from this point forth) at the same time. This is a radiology test where they can see if there is any sort of blockage in your fallopian tubes or weirdness going on in your uterus.  Essentially, they shoot iodine into your uterus and it swirls around and hopefully exits out your fallopian tubes. As I was getting ready for the big day, many people had warned me of the cramps. Let's just say that they were right. Holy crap. And for days following. And bloating. I have never been so bloated. I was so bloated that I think I could have stuck a pin in my abdomen and popped it like a balloon. Oh and lovely spotting (I really hate the word spotting) for days too. Fun stuff.

The HSG was fascinating to watch on the screen; sort of like a piece of black and white watercolor art coming to life. When it was done, the OB said that everything looked great. I knew it would be that way, but I feel so much better now that it's confirmed. So now we wait. We're not doing an IUI this month (I would be ovulating this weekend) to compensate for the cost of the HSG last week (total cost for test $3000. Our out of pocket cost, only about $400 with Anthem). Plus we're going on a much needed and deserved vacation in a week, and well, vacations cost money too.


  1. I've been back reading your blog for a couple days now. My wife and I are in the beginning processes. Being in Canada they do a lot more testing up front to save money down the road. So tomorrow I go for my HSG. My doctor told me not to google the procedure, I would be worried if I did. He also gave the stats that only 1 in 10 women that have it done have the bad experience. I think he was lieing. Thanks for the posts, and I am continuing reading.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Hello! Thanks for reading! Congrats on getting started! What part of Canada do you live in? As you'll see once you get a little further in the blog, I've been absent for a few months now. My wife and I are taking a little break from baby making, but we're hoping to get back to business soon. I miss the blog and I feel out of the baby-making loop, so I think it's finally time to resume!!

      And yes, he may have been lying a little...I read the same thing about only 10% of women having those side effects too. And I've heard different things about the priority of testing here in the states too...some doctors do all the testing up front and others choose to let it happen when it does (or doesn't) later down the road. I think in my case, it happened this way because of the hospital system we chose to use.

      Good luck with everything....and I promise I'll post again soon ~