Thursday, April 28, 2011

dizzy I why am so?

Today is the big day......tinkle day. I will unpack that fancy digital pregnancy test later today when my partner gets home from work. And I have been dying to now for at least four days.

Four days ago I had an insane dizzy spell coupled with the biggest migraine I've had in a decade, and essentially, I've been in a range of somewhat to ridiculously dizzy ever since. Part of me wants to blame it on the concussion. But that was almost a month ago now and I hope I am not so dizzy due to that! Another part of me wants to blame it on an Easter hangover. After all, if you all could have seen the amount of kielbasa I ate, you would be sick to your stomach too. And then, a big part of me wants to blame it on a baby in my belly!!!!! The issue is that the dizzy, nausea, ringing in my ears, etc. can totally be post concussive syndrome symptoms, but somehow, I think this is different than the way I felt earlier this month.

I don't have any crazy boob pain or other weird symptoms like last month. As a matter of fact, I didn't feel anything possibly relating to pregnancy until just four days ago. And, interestingly enough, I don't feel entirely premenstrual even though my period would start in a day or two.

Oh, I will be analyzing every little ache and pain today that's for sure. I seriously can't wait until she gets home. I hope she leaves early.....

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