Monday, May 2, 2011

Not concussive syndrome I DON'T LIKE YOU.

No, not pregnant. And having crazy period. Somehow though, I am OK with that. I have GOT to feel better soon with this head stuff. It is making me literally crazy. I approached a conversation last night with my partner about possibly holding off on baby making until we get this under control. I think we're still talking and thinking about it. Not that it's my first choice. I finally really want to have a baby and feel ready, but something has got to give.

The other day someone asked me if I had considered going to see a chiropractor. What a great idea! I asked my doctor what she though, and her immediate response was to not go to a chiropractor, but to instead go and have acupuncture. Again, amazing idea. It makes complete sense.

I am going today for my first treatment. The person I spoke to over the phone said that he has treated people with concussions before with much success. I am actually very excited to get poked with a million needles; I must be turning a new leaf.

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