Monday, May 9, 2011

We are going to wait for ONE month....

After much discussion, we've decided to hold off on the IUI this month and wait until next month to see how the concussion is progressing. I am on a couple of prescriptions now and the acupuncture is really helpful; I just need to see how I feel in a month's time.

Acupuncture: I urge you all to go for any and all reasons. Anything that hurts, aches, twinges, whatever, they can help. I've only been twice and going again today, but with each visit, I have felt almost imediate differences. As for the drugs, I have Celebrex for daily use and Tylenol with codine for use when I get headaches. Excelent. Most of the time, they work pretty well.

The neurologist says that I have a labrynth concussion, meaning that the injury is in my inner ear, which is why I am so dizzy and nausous. I'd say that there are good days and bad days with the dizzy/nausous. And I am so exhausted from working this past 'holiday' week, that I am only making it worse. I called my sister yesterday to wish her happy Mother's Day, and she agreed that I probably didn't want to feel twice as dizzy and nausous if I were to get pregnant.....I am totally on board with that. Plus I really don't want to confuse the symptoms; I want to know exactly why I feel a certain way.

Before I turn this blog into a concussion blog, I will sign off. Baby making will hopefully commense again in about one month. Until then..... :-(

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